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Our Services

RYYO is partnered with a wide variety of youth service agencies throughout Spokane. These partnerships are an essential frontline doorway to realizing our program’s vision, and we deeply value the network of support and trust we have been able to build. Our services are diverse and are individually suited to meet the needs and realities of any particular served youth community we work with, case by case. Our teaching formats vary from 10+ week sessions to single “Introduction to Yoga” classes and everything in between.

Classes Include

  • Reflection (Individual and Group)
  • Relaxation
  • Breathing Exercises
  • Visualization and Concentration
  • Intention Setting
  • Classical Hatha Yoga Postures and Stretches
  • Art, Writing and Creative Expression

Body Talks

A self-esteem initiative for girls and young women, using yoga, art, and writing. A Body-Talks class is intended to open, challenge, and evolve self-concepts through the exploration of individual creativity. It uses reflective questions and group discussion to understand the differences between helpful and unhelpful self-talk and behaviors. Body-Talks aims to unlock inner wisdom and introduce girls and young women to a holistic model of thought, speech, and behavior.